This will be discussed. Products: Fragrances Incense is one of Thailand (Frankincense or Olibanum).
          Incense will be used for divine worship Buddha, angels, etc., and for spa-related businesses. That is used to treat disease. Relaxation. Or tired from work. Which is widely popular, such as Thailand, China, Japan, India, Japan, etc., enabling Business-related spa, a high income for Thailand. And quality products. Because Thailand has a plant that can be the best perfumes. And a variety of fragrance. That as Asian countries are not together.

Properties of frankincense
  "Incense", the quality of many Has been used to make medicines and cosmetics machine, such as some types of disinfectant, diuretic, cough pituitary wound healing is a harsh drug driving winds nourish the heart, anxiety, stress reduction, relaxation. Make you feel more comfortable. Used to make perfumes. Rom to burn away the smell print what ant insect In addition, incense is often used as an ingredient in the recipe for a traditional flavoring and preservatives.
In Thailand, frankincense. Components are as follows. Select Fragrance feel less isolated from plants. Or something to be synthesized.

How to do
Sawdust sift out the very rough out Bring to 100 the sun to dry.
Glue Kua Ka section 25.
10 of frankincense.
Incense stick made of bamboo Prepared to take on self-sufficiently
Red dyes. (Or color you want) for the treatment incense stick

How to Incense a spa, aroma incense.
The sawdust, then put the pan in the mixing container. Sprinkle the glue to Kua Ka.
Dry thoroughly. Mix to combine. Massage and sawdust mixed with water and glue gun.
Enter into the mix incense mixed with the clay and mold can be taken to prepare the incense stick to remove them.
Before making the mixture to stick incense. Incense stick to remove the coating before the coating color red (or color you want) to be 1 / 3 stick of incense.
The incense is a sculpture. Remove meat mixture well to stick to put down the bamboo incense stick, then roll back and forth to the wood smooth. Which part is too much meat, incense stick to roll out the meat. We have to stick when making individual skills and be faster.
When making incense, elegant fully. To be embroidered on the boards of the drill holes through each one flower to the sun to dry well. Do not stick to the sun because it held the stick was broken. Then packed into a box or bag.